Friday, December 30, 2011

Blonde moments in the barn!

Funny moments in the barn. It was grandma Irene and I in the barn all alone with Starski and Hutch (the cats) and Sammy (the retired police dog). We were getting everything ready for tomorrow, we are going on a trail ride. Well she was mucking the stalls and I was filling up the water trophs. I got done before her; she was in Clays stall and I was getting ready to turn the water of. Well I turned the water off; you know how you have to press the thing one last to time to release water pressure, well I did that and I wasnt paying attention where I was pointing the hose. I was to busy looking at Cruise; well I pressed the button and the water sprayed all in my face and I screamed like a little girl, I scared the dog and the cats and mostly grnadma Irene. Haha I almost cried but then I started to laugh. After I got done laughing; grnadma Irene told me to sweep; so I did and I was like Grandma Irene this broom is to short, she looked at me, I was like sorry and I love you:D Giggles I love them good ole barn days!

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