Friday, December 23, 2011

Brotherly and Sisterly Love

This is my brother Chase and I, Chase is 11 years old he is the middle child, and I love him so much. I honestly do not know how to explain our relationship, we get along so great I mean we are a typical brother and sister we fight and stuff but after all of that non-sense argueing we laugh about it and just talk about it. I  guess our bond is strong because we have been thorugh so much. I know my brother loves me, he loves his little sister too all three of us have a special bond that we all share together, I guess it is because all three of us have been through so much.

This is Hannah and I, my little sister she is 10 years old and she is the youngest obvisously that proves that I am the oldest, just for information I had to put that out there, I am 15 by the way. Anyways, my sister is full of life she has little problem withcrying like a baby, but I love her anyways my little brother and sister they are my entire world, of course Hannah and I have our days where we just want to kill each other but I am really Hannah and I we just click, acaually all three of us just click. We are not an ordanary family we are just brilliant we love to make people laugh, put Chase, Hannah and I together we could make you wet your pants because we are hilarious together. I hoep Hannah and Chase know that I love them so much and I miss them dearly, if any of you don't know my mother moved back to Michigan with the kids and I miss all three of them so much, especially Hannah and Chase.

Hannah, Chase I love you dearly.

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