Friday, December 23, 2011

"Just a dog" shes family...

She "comes"
She "sits"
She "stays"
She "shakes"
She "fetches"
She "hunts"
She "swims"
Shes' there for me
She will never tell my secrects
Shes' listens and never speaks
Shes' my bestfriend
Shes' my daughter
Shes' my sister
Shes' not just a dog
Shes' my family
She watches me in intrest, while i watch her to
She is my protector, while I protect her
Shes my world, she does everything, and doesnt expect anything less than getting her belly rub and maybe a stick thrown or just to take a walk. Sadie is my everything, first thing on my mind when I get up n the last when I go to sleep

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