Friday, December 23, 2011

The Unexpected Suprise

Well from the title of this blog you are probably thinking "uh ohh" she is pregant, to put your worries to a rest no I am not, this is acaully a totally differant subject. It acaully has to do with this "guy" he sits behind me everyday on the bus and we have acually became aquantited to each others presances. We have acually known each other for awhile since last summer from when I first moved here. "Ok" time to get to the piont, it all started one day on the bus after school on the way home; and I had my bag by the window and the front was facing him well all of a sudden he started to go through my bag I mean I didn't mind him going through my bag and well I knew when I saw him go to that zipper it was going to be embarrassing and right as soon as I said "don't open that" he had already opened and had saw what was in it, he jsut busted out laughing and my face turned really red and I was like nervously laughing too. I guess ya'll are trying to figure out what he saw and why I was embarrassed for him seeing it? It was my bright green pads, wow it was very embarrassing but funny at the same time, I guess it was one of them moments where we just had to break the ice, also it was why I called this The Unexpected Suprise, because that was very embarassing and unexpected! Oh well, it is just life.

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