Friday, December 30, 2011

Blonde moments in the barn!

Funny moments in the barn. It was grandma Irene and I in the barn all alone with Starski and Hutch (the cats) and Sammy (the retired police dog). We were getting everything ready for tomorrow, we are going on a trail ride. Well she was mucking the stalls and I was filling up the water trophs. I got done before her; she was in Clays stall and I was getting ready to turn the water of. Well I turned the water off; you know how you have to press the thing one last to time to release water pressure, well I did that and I wasnt paying attention where I was pointing the hose. I was to busy looking at Cruise; well I pressed the button and the water sprayed all in my face and I screamed like a little girl, I scared the dog and the cats and mostly grnadma Irene. Haha I almost cried but then I started to laugh. After I got done laughing; grnadma Irene told me to sweep; so I did and I was like Grandma Irene this broom is to short, she looked at me, I was like sorry and I love you:D Giggles I love them good ole barn days!

Friday, December 23, 2011

I wish I had a Dad

I wish I had a Dad to call Dad...
I wish I had a Dad to talk to...
I wish I had a Dad that could have protected me...
Why Dad? Why did you have to do that to me...
Why Did you do those things that hurt me Dad...
Dad, I can't call you Dad. you don't derserve to be called Dad...
I wish I had a Dad that I could trust with out worrying of uncertainthings....
I wish I had a Dad to be there when a boy broke my heart....
I wish.But I know I will never have a Dad because mine Betrayed my trust. Took My Innosence.
And he hurt me. I know my wishes will never come true.

"Head up, stay strong, fake a smile, and move on.."

I have just figured out that Iworry to much about other peoples' feelings instead of mine, I have like built a wall around my emotions and tend to help others first and me never. I have just figured out my true moto "Head up, stay strong, fake a smile, and move on.." is that what life is really about. Why can't I just put myself first for once in my life. People Do not understand how I really feel inside; I guess that is another wall I put up I don't want them to worry about me, I don't want them to know how I really feel. Sometimes' I don't want to feel. Keep the moto "Head up, stay strong, fake a smile, and move on.."

"Just a dog" shes family...

She "comes"
She "sits"
She "stays"
She "shakes"
She "fetches"
She "hunts"
She "swims"
Shes' there for me
She will never tell my secrects
Shes' listens and never speaks
Shes' my bestfriend
Shes' my daughter
Shes' my sister
Shes' not just a dog
Shes' my family
She watches me in intrest, while i watch her to
She is my protector, while I protect her
Shes my world, she does everything, and doesnt expect anything less than getting her belly rub and maybe a stick thrown or just to take a walk. Sadie is my everything, first thing on my mind when I get up n the last when I go to sleep

The Unexpected Suprise

Well from the title of this blog you are probably thinking "uh ohh" she is pregant, to put your worries to a rest no I am not, this is acaully a totally differant subject. It acaully has to do with this "guy" he sits behind me everyday on the bus and we have acually became aquantited to each others presances. We have acually known each other for awhile since last summer from when I first moved here. "Ok" time to get to the piont, it all started one day on the bus after school on the way home; and I had my bag by the window and the front was facing him well all of a sudden he started to go through my bag I mean I didn't mind him going through my bag and well I knew when I saw him go to that zipper it was going to be embarrassing and right as soon as I said "don't open that" he had already opened and had saw what was in it, he jsut busted out laughing and my face turned really red and I was like nervously laughing too. I guess ya'll are trying to figure out what he saw and why I was embarrassed for him seeing it? It was my bright green pads, wow it was very embarrassing but funny at the same time, I guess it was one of them moments where we just had to break the ice, also it was why I called this The Unexpected Suprise, because that was very embarassing and unexpected! Oh well, it is just life.

Brotherly and Sisterly Love

This is my brother Chase and I, Chase is 11 years old he is the middle child, and I love him so much. I honestly do not know how to explain our relationship, we get along so great I mean we are a typical brother and sister we fight and stuff but after all of that non-sense argueing we laugh about it and just talk about it. I  guess our bond is strong because we have been thorugh so much. I know my brother loves me, he loves his little sister too all three of us have a special bond that we all share together, I guess it is because all three of us have been through so much.

This is Hannah and I, my little sister she is 10 years old and she is the youngest obvisously that proves that I am the oldest, just for information I had to put that out there, I am 15 by the way. Anyways, my sister is full of life she has little problem withcrying like a baby, but I love her anyways my little brother and sister they are my entire world, of course Hannah and I have our days where we just want to kill each other but I am really Hannah and I we just click, acaually all three of us just click. We are not an ordanary family we are just brilliant we love to make people laugh, put Chase, Hannah and I together we could make you wet your pants because we are hilarious together. I hoep Hannah and Chase know that I love them so much and I miss them dearly, if any of you don't know my mother moved back to Michigan with the kids and I miss all three of them so much, especially Hannah and Chase.

Hannah, Chase I love you dearly.

A New Year

I am praying that the meaning of new year acaully applies to 2012, because this past two years have been really hard and some how I have managed to get through it with my family and friends. I am really thankful for them if it wasn't it for them I don't think I would be here  right now writing this. I would probably be somewhere peacful looking down on them and watching over them so they don't get hurt. I really am hoping that this New Year really is going to be a New Year to start my life completely over with no distractions, No pain and depression. I am going to try hard to fight for what I want in life, do what I think is right and stand up to my enemies.Hopfully A New Year.

Why 2?

I acually have two blogs, this one is just for what ever I am really bored and I guess in a way I  would rather express myself on this blog than the other. Also because I am really bored an d I have nothing better to do with my spare time.

About two weeks ago I got bumped up to the Varsity girls' basketball team, I am really excited and happy too I don't have much friends on the team besause I just moved here and plus they are all seniors and Juniors' and I don't know any of them,

You will never believe what I just did, I just ate oysters with some hot sauce, I didn't like it because it was not raw, meaning not right out of the shell when it is really freacs and salty. But it was okay, I think the hot sauce really got me instead of the oyster itself. Oh well it is an experiance!