Sunday, April 22, 2012

Habanero Sauce (Hot Sauce)

Habanero Sauce is the hotest ever, last night we had shrimp gumbo and it was really good. Grandpa Mike he loves hot things, he literally has every hot sauce in the world. Well this is how this this story starts off, grandpa mike poured almost the whole bottle of Habanero Sauce into his Gumbo Chase and I wanted to try some of this hot sauce on our fingers well we did twice. After that grandma Irene was freaking out saying that your butt is going to hurt, it will be on fire, we were no listening at all we were having fun. So, then we wanted to try his gumbo! Wow! That was an awakening, Chase looked at me and I looked at chase and we both took off I went to the bathroom and he went to the kitchen. I spit mine out in the toliet and flushed it, chase he swallowed it. Chase was smart and got the milk out ot cool our mouths down, I got to say that was the hotest thing I have ever had.

Chase and I, we had alot of fun with that hot sauce so we decided to try the Mild Tabasco sauce that wasn't to bad it acually tasted very sweet to me. We had a blast, during this whole endure we were playing Monopoly that was a very long game but we all had fun! Family is great, and I love them!


  1. It's realy funny!Tabasco sauce taste is very nice to me.

  2. Yeah, habaneroes are the hottest of the hot peppers. Hey check out my blog someone got an award.